Statement of Steven Nadel, ACEEE Executive Director, on the President’s Climate Change Address

June 25, 2013

Today President Obama announced a plan to step up America’s efforts to address climate change.  We are gratified that the President’s plan recognizes that “Energy efficiency is one of the clearest and most cost-effective opportunities to save families money, make our businesses more competitive, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “  Revisions to energy efficiency standards for appliances, commercial products and trucks are an important component of his plan.  In the next few years we expect large energy savings from new standards on electric motors (implementing a consensus agreement with motor manufacturers) and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration systems and trucks.  We also believe that energy efficiency should play prominently in emissions standards for existing power plants by allowing power plant owners to receive credit towards the new emissions standards by helping their customers use energy more efficiently.  By including energy efficiency in the list of compliance options, costs can be minimized and economic benefits maximized.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors.