ACEEE Announces New Board Members and the Formation of a Research Advisory Board

November 1, 2013

Washington, D.C.—ACEEE is pleased to announce that Janice Berman of Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Denise Fairchild of Emerald Cities Collaborative, and Clay Nesler of Johnson Controls have joined ACEEE’s Board of Directors.

Ms. Berman is senior director of energy efficiency strategy for Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). She is responsible for providing strategic leadership of PG&E’s Energy Efficiency portfolio.

Dr. Fairchild is the inaugural president of Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC), a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. with affiliates in major urban centers across the United States. She was recruited in 2010 to launch ECC, a coalition of labor, business, and community-based groups organized to accelerate the growth and distributive benefits of the emerging green economy.

Mr. Nesler is the vice president, global energy and sustainability for Johnson Controls. He is responsible for energy and sustainability strategy, policy, and innovation, and the Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency.

“We welcome Jan, Denise, and Clay and appreciate their willingness to guide and advise us on the direction of ACEEE,” said Steven Nadel, ACEEE’s executive director. “These three talented professionals will add valuable experience and perspective to the Board of Directors.”

ACEEE is also pleased to announce the formation of the Research Advisory Board (RAB). “The RAB will assess and help guide ACEEE on its research capabilities and activities,” said ACEEE Board member Dr. Maxine Savitz, who serves as Chair of the RAB and liaison with the Board. “The RAB will play an important role in increasing the overall value of ACEEE research and further acceptance by stakeholders.”

In announcing the RAB, ACEEE’s Board chair Carl Blumstein said, “The Board of Directors appointed the founding members of the RAB to advise our research staff. These individuals represent preeminent experts in energy efficiency research and are uniquely positioned to help us ensure that ACEEE’s research remains at the highest level.”

“I would like to thank prior ACEEE Board members Dr. David Greene, Dr. Mark Levine, Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld, and Dr. Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier for agreeing to transition to the RAB in order to provide continuity regarding ACEEE’s mission as this important new advisory board begins work,” said Chair Blumstein. “I am also pleased that our former Board member Dr. Marilyn Brown is rejoining ACEEE as a member of our RAB.”

For more information on the ACEEE Research Advisory Board, see today’s blog post by Dr. Savitz.

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