ACEEE Announces New Board Members

August 18, 2014

Pacific Grove, Calif.—ACEEE is pleased to announce that Kathrin Winkler of EMC and Michael Sachse of OPower have joined the ACEEE Board of Directors.

Ms. Winkler is senior vice president and chief sustainability officer of EMC, a global leader in accelerating the role of information technology to drive economic and energy efficiency. The company builds information infrastructure products and services that help IT departments store, manage, protect, and analyze information to drive economic and energy efficiency. EMC is a partner in ACEEE’s intelligent energy efforts. Ms. Winkler joined EMC in 2003. She recently received the Anita Borg Institute 2014 Women of Vision Award for her contribution to innovation, leadership, and social impact in the field of technology.

Mr. Sachse is senior vice president of regulatory affairs, business development and general counsel of OPower. The company works with 93 utility partners using big data analytics to influence more than 50 million households. He has been with OPower since its early days in 2007 to its current status as the largest behavioral efficiency and demand response deliverer in the world. Mr. Sachse leads the company’s legal and regulatory teams and developed the regulatory strategy that led to the widespread acceptance of information-based efficiency by U.S. public utility commissions.

“We welcome Kathrin and Michael and appreciate their willingness to guide and advise us on the direction of ACEEE,” said Steven Nadel, ACEEE’s executive director. “These talented professionals will add valuable experience and perspective to the board of directors.”

The board expressed deep appreciation to Rose McKinney-James, transitioning off the ACEEE board, for her 11 years of service. Ms. McKinney-James is the managing principal of Energy Works based in Las Vegas. She served as the chair of the awards committee, guiding ACEEE’s public recognition of those companies, organizations, and individuals who have been leaders in the energy efficiency field. She also served on three additional board committees: the strategic planning, policy, and nomination and governance committees.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors.