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Research Report U1901 - January 16, 2019

ACEEE has reviewed exemplary customer-funded electric and natural gas utility programs every five years since 2003. For this edition of the report, we solicited nominations nationally and analyzed them in collaboration with an independent expert advisory panel. We ultimately selected 53 models...

Research Report U1808 - October 04, 2018

The twelfth edition of the ACEEE State Energy Efficiency Scorecard gives a progress report on state energy efficiency policies and programs that save energy and produce environmental and economic benefits. The Scorecard uses data vetted by state energy officials to rank states...

Research Report H1802 - March 26, 2018

ACEEE’s Health and Energy Linked (HELP) Awards recognize programs that simultaneously improve human health and save energy. This report highlights the six exemplary programs chosen by a panel of expert advisors to receive the first awards. Case studies describe funding, communities served, and...

Research Report H1801 - February 21, 2018

Pollution from power plants harms public health, contributing to heart attacks, respiratory conditions, asthma attacks, and premature death. Energy efficiency can benefit health by reducing power plant pollution. This report estimates the health and environmental benefits that would come from a...

Topic Brief - March 08, 2019

Many jurisdictions are increasingly interested in accounting for the economic development and job-creation benefits of energy efficiency and other clean energy investments. This toolkit describes five practical approaches they can use to estimate these economic impacts, including the pros and...

Testimony - March 07, 2019

Submitted to the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Energy Subcommittee, for the hearing titled "Wasted Energy: DOE's Inaction on Efficiency Standards and its Impact on Consumers and the Climate."

Regulatory Filing - March 06, 2019

A letter submitted to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality referencing the Re-Proposed Action to Develop Regulations to Reduce and Cap Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Fired Electric Power Generating Facilities (Rev. C17), 9VAC5 Chapter 140.

White Paper - February 28, 2019

This paper lays out five key energy efficiency policies that Florida can adopt to spur job growth across the state: setting energy efficiency targets for utilities, adopting state-level appliance standards, promoting the use of combined heat and power, updating building energy codes, and working...

Topic Brief - February 21, 2019

ACEEE developed this technical brief in response to the state of Missouri’s request to provide information on investor-owned utility energy efficiency performance incentives.

Research Report - February 20, 2019

The lifetime of energy efficiency programs and measures ranges from a few months to several decades. Nevertheless, most energy efficiency policies are designed around the first year of savings. This report describes recent policy changes in some states and Canadian provinces to measure the value...

Topic Brief - February 19, 2019

ACEEE developed this memorandum in response to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Energy Programs Office (EPO, aka the Energy Office) request to provide information on available energy efficiency programs for the industrial sector and identifying gaps between current...

Topic Brief - February 19, 2019

 ACEEE developed this memo in response to the DC DOEE’s request for comparison of existing and emerging beneficial electrification models in legislative or regulatory language.

Topic Brief - February 19, 2019

ACEEE developed this technical brief in response to the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) request for comparison of the Pennsylvania models and practices with those used in other states.

Topic Brief - February 19, 2019

ACEEE developed this technical brief in response to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services’ (DAS) request to provide information on available technology types and best practices to reduce plug loads.

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