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Research Report - January 01, 1987

This report reviews the accomplishments of the federal energy conservation R&D program in the coming years. Seven case studies of R&D successes in buildings, components, and equipment are included. The study has been selected for publication in the 1987 Annual Review of Energy.

Research Report - February 01, 1986

This major report analyzes the potential for electricity conservation in seven residential end uses?refrigerating, freezing, water heating, lighting, central air conditioning, cooking, and clothes drying. The analysis is based on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company service territory. It...

Research Report - January 01, 1986

This report discusses a variety of promising technologies and illustrates how their use can benefit consumers, utilities, and the economy of a country. It also examines the obstacles to introducing end-use efficiency improvements, and presents policy and program alternatives to stimulate...

Research Report - June 18, 1983

A report on the performance and economics of efficient residential appliances, programs which could foster their adoption and related policy issues for concerned federal, state and local energy officials, utility conservation program managers and other citizens interested in efficient energy use...

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