South Carolina's Energy Future: Minding its Efficiency Resources

Research Report E099


Max Neubauer, Suzanne Watson, John A. "Skip" Laitner, Jacob Talbot, Dan Trombley, Anna Chittum, and Sarah Black


This report examines the potential electricity and water efficiency savings that could be realized in South Carolina through the implementation of a suite of eleven electric and five water efficiency policies, and quantifies the growth in gross state product and employment that would result from these investments. South Carolina is showing strong interest in enacting new energy efficiency programs and policies. As this report clearly demonstrates, energy efficiency has the potential to provide short- and long-term economic and social benefits to South

Carolina's consumers, such as creating new, local jobs; lowering consumer bills; and abating emissions, all of which will help to stimulate the South Carolina economy.

For the first time in any state report, ACEEE did an analysis of the potential for water efficiency as well as added three new energy efficiency measures of interest to the state: improved efficiency in manufactured housing; implementation of a behavioral awareness program; and a rural/agricultural initiative. This last initiative is of particular importance to a state such as South Carolina that has a large rural population.