Missouri's Energy Efficiency Potential: Opportunities for Economic Growth and Energy Sustainability

Research Report E114


Maggie Molina, Suzanne Watson, Nate Kaufman, Skip Laitner, Eric Mackres, Dan Trombley, and Dan York, ACEEE; Marca Hagenstad, Stuart Schare, and Dan Violette, Navigant Consulting; Amelia Gulkis, Craig Metz, and Gary Gawor, EnSave


This report examines the potential for cost-effective energy efficiency to meet electricity and natural gas needs in Missouri through the implementation of 10 policies and programs.  We find that this comprehensive suite of policies has the potential to meet 17% of the state’s electricity needs and about 10% of natural gas use by 2025. While the energy efficiency policies and programs will require public and private investments, they can yield a high return to Missouri consumers and the overall economy.  Making these cost-effective investments can save consumers $6.1 billion in net energy bill savings from energy efficiency and create 8,500 new, local jobs by 2025.

Over the last several years, Missouri has demonstrated a growing commitment to energy efficiency as a means to attain energy, economic, environmental, and sustainability goals.  Recent developments, however, have suggested that the state is struggling to make the major strides needed to significantly advance energy efficiency. A comprehensive set of state and local policy strategies, as outlined in this report, along with a collective commitment by policymakers, businesses, and individuals, can enable Missouri to reap this potential efficiency resource while returning numerous benefits to Missouri’s economy and environment.