Scaling Up Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs: A Metropolitan Area Assessment

Research Report E135


Kate Johnson and Eric Mackres


This report provides an assessment of the current landscape of multifamily energy efficiency programs in the 50 metropolitan areas with the largest multifamily housing markets. The authors describe spending on utility customer-funded programs for the primary utilities in each metropolitan area.  Additionally, they identify the specific opportunity in each metropolitan area to scale up multifamily programs based on a three-part analysis of: (1) local housing market characteristics; (2) the scope of current utility customer-funded energy efficiency programs; and (3) the statewide policy environment and potential for local partnerships with non-utility-funded energy efficiency programs.

Energy efficiency programs funded by utility customers represent a significant opportunity to save energy in multifamily buildings. However, multifamily buildings present unique challenges that can easily be overlooked when grouped into programs for single-family and/or commercial buildings.  By failing to effectively deliver programs that reach this market segment, utility-sponsored programs miss out on significant energy savings potential.