The State and Utility Pollution Reduction (SUPR) Calculator

Research Report E1501


Rachel Young and Sara Hayes


This version is out of date! Click here for the updated SUPR 2.

EPA’s Clean Power Plan allows states to pick from many pollution-reducing technologies and policies—including energy efficiency—when designing their compliance plans. What are the costs and emissions benefits of these various compliance options? ACEEE has developed the State and Utility Pollution Reduction (SUPR) calculator to help states find the answers. Users can choose from 19 policies and technologies to build their state's compliance scenario, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, nuclear power, emissions control, and natural gas. SUPR shows them how much the scenario will cost and what they will get for that investment.

This version is out of date! Click here for the updated SUPR 2.

Download the SUPR calculator here (updated May 13, 2015).

Download the user guide here.