Energy Efficiency Resource Acquisition Program Models in North America

Research Report IE126


Bob Taylor (Energy Pathways LLC), Daniel Trombley, and Julia Reinaud (Institute for Industrial Productivity)


This report provides an explanation of different types of institutional delivery models currently in place across the United States and Canada to acquire energy efficiency as a predictable and reliable resource for meeting existing and future energy demands. This examination and comparison of eight different models yields a new understanding of the benefits and weaknesses states and provinces accepted when making choices during the development of these programs. Although the report focuses on programs targeting the industrial sector, the lessons learned are not specific to one sector or geographic region.

The report contains two sections: the first provides an overview resource acquisition program and a comparative analysis of the eight (two in Canada, six in the U.S.) initiatives; and the second contains the eight case studies, each with a detailed description of its legal origin, institutional structure, and operating practices.

The comparative analysis draws upon the case studies in Part II and is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of how the models differ and what choices were made. It also seeks to highlight how innovative states and provinces have been in their attempts to satisfy what were certainly complex policy goals and market realities.