How Information and Communications Technologies Will Change the Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification of Energy Efficiency Programs

Research Report IE1503


Ethan A. Rogers, Edward Carley, Sagar Deo, and Frederick Grossberg


Information and communications technologies (ICT) can automate and transform the evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) of energy efficiency programs. In both the residential and the commercial and industrial sectors, ICT enables the remote monitoring and sophisticated analysis of energy usage, increasing the speed and scale of many EM&V activities. This report reviews traditional EM&V practices, explores new enabling technologies including the Internet of Things and remote building analysis, and describes the application of ICT to each stage of the EM&V process. The report then projects ways forward through a number of challenges (e.g., data overload) and concludes that ICT-enabled EM&V could eventually change the design of efficiency programs and the responsibilities of program administrators, implementers, and evaluators.