What Have We Learned from Energy Efficiency Financing Programs?

Research Report U115


Sara Hayes, Steven Nadel, Chris Granda, and Kathryn Hottel


This report is designed to summarize the results and lessons learned from energy efficiency finance programs that have moved beyond the initial start-up phase; it is written for energy efficiency program planners and implementers.  Also in the series are Energy Efficiency Finance 101: Understanding the Marketplace, an introduction to the field of energy efficiency finance, designed for those who are new to the field or for those who want a quick "refresher;" and a forthcoming more in-depth look at on-bill financing and ways to address some of the unique opportunities and challenges of this financing approach. The goal of this series is to provide a set of tools that make it easier for states, municipalities, utilities, and private lenders to learn from past experience and offer effective energy efficiency programs going forward—programs that can provide capital to increase the pace of residential and commercial building energy efficiency implementation.