Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator (LEEP-C)

Research Report U1506


Eric Mackres, James P. Barrett, John A. “Skip” Laitner, David Ribeiro, and Tyler Bailey


The Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator (LEEP-C) version 2.0 Beta is intended for use by local policymakers and stakeholders interested in advancing the adoption of energy efficiency in their communities. The tool is capable of analyzing the impacts of 23 different policy types from 4 energy-using sectors: public buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, and transportation. It provides a first-cut, initial analysis of the impacts of policy choices on energy savings, cost savings, pollution reduction, and other outcomes over a time period set by the user. The tool also allows users to weight different policy options based on community priorities to gauge which policies best fit with community goals.

Click here to download LEEP-C v.2.0 (zipped XLSM file).