State Clean Energy Resource Project

The State Clean Energy Resource Project serves as a national “geological survey” of energy efficiency and renewable resources. It is a center for information and expertise that facilitates clean energy policy adoption and implementation at the state level. While the scope is nation-wide, the focus is on those transitional states that are poised to adopt and implement sustainable energy policies and programs. By drawing together key experts and analytical capabilities in a focused effort, this project supports clean energy policy initiatives in a timely manner with extensive stakeholder engagement, comprehensive analysis, and more focused technical assistance than has been applied to these challenges in the past. It also serves as an independent, unbiased resource to support the implementation of the policies at a state level. Funding for the State Clean Energy Resource Project is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Energy Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and additional state foundations and agencies.

See Efficiency in Action: ACEEE and State Energy Policy for an overview of past SCERP projects and the resulting state accomplishments.

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ACEEE completed the report, Advancing Energy Efficiency in Arkansas: Opportunities for a Clean Energy Economy, in March 2011. Read the press release here





E072 Potential for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to Meet Florida's Growing Energy Demands





ACEEE completed the report, Louisiana's 2030 Energy Efficiency Roadmap: Saving Energy, Lowering Bills, and Creating Jobs, in May 2013. Read the press release here.

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E082 Energy Efficiency: The First Fuel for a Clean Energy Future Resources for Meeting Maryland's Electricity Needs

E077 Energy Efficiency in Maryland's Electricity Future




E07X More Jobs and Greater Total Wage Income: The Economic Benefits of an Efficiency-Led Clean Energy Strategy to Meet Growing Electricity Needs in Michigan





ACEEE completed the report, A Guide to Growing an Energy-Efficient Economy in Mississippi in November 2013. Read the press release here.

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ACEEE's report for the state of Missouri, Missouri's Energy Efficiency Potential: Opportunities for Economic Growth and Energy Sustainability, was released on August 21, 2011.  Read the press release here



North Carolina

ACEEE's report for the state of North Carolina, North Carolina's Energy Future: Electricity, Water, and Transportation Efficiency, was released March 18, 2010. Read the press release here.





ACEEE's report for the state of Ohio, Shaping Ohio's Energy Future: Energy Efficiency Works (E092), was released on March 25th, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio.

See also: Ohio's Energy Efficiency Resource Standard: Impacts on the Ohio Wholesale Electricity Market and Benefits to the StateManufacturer's Association Releases ACEEE Report on Impacts of Ohio EERS



ACEEE's report for the state of Pennsylvania, Potential for Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Onsite Solar Energy in Pennsylvania, was released May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Read ACEEE testimony provided to the Pennsylvania General Assembly House Consumer Affairs Committee on June 4, 2009 on the implementation of Act 129 of 2008.


South Carolina

ACEEE's report for the state of South Carolina, South Carolina's Energy Future: Minding its Efficiency Resources, was released November 11, 2009. Read the press release here.





E073 Potential for Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Onsite Renewable Energy to Meet Texas's Growing Electricity Needs
E076 The Economic Benefits of an Energy Efficiency and Onsite Renewable Energy Strategy to Meet Growing Electricity Needs in Texas
E078 Role of Energy Efficiency and Onsite Renewables in Meeting Energy and Environmental Needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston/Galveston Metro Areas



Utah Energy Efficiency Strategy Policy Options (Executive Summary)
Utah Energy Efficiency Strategy Policy Options (Full Report)





ACEEE's report for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Energizing Virginia: Efficiency First, was released on September 19th, 2008. The report (E085) was released at the 2008 Commonwealth of Virginia Energy and Sustainability (COVES) Conference.

See also: Press ReleasePresentation at COVES Conference