Standby Rates

(Press Release - 10/23/2002)
Washington, D.C. — In the five years since President Clinton first expounded combined heat and power's (CHP) societal and environmental benefits, important progress has been made toward breaking down the market barriers preventing the expansion of...
(Document - 9/1/2002)
This nationwide study examines the legislative and regulatory policies governing combined heat and power (CHP) by states. It includes a state-by-state table of policies and a listing of recommendations for creating policies that encourage the use...
(Document - 10/1/2001)
Details the methods for determining the environmental benefits of CHP systems versus traditional heat and power generation systems. It offers valuable guidance on how to structure an environmental policy that promotes CHP technology.
(Document - 5/1/1999)
Describes modern combined heat and power (CHP) systems, makes new capacity projections, and estimates potential energy and emissions reductions. Barriers to accelerated adoption are identified and policy responses suggested.