Direct Pre-Filed Testimony of R. Neal Elliott, ACEEE, on behalf of Hoosier Environmental Council, Inc. to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) regarding Cause No. 44310



R. Neal Elliott


This pre-filed testimony, by R. Neal Elliott, Ph.D., associate director for research with ACEEE, was submitted on June 27, 2013 on behalf of The Hoosier Environmental Council, Inc. regarding the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s (IURC) investigation into the possible approval of a self-direct, demand-side management program for certain large customers (Cause 44310).

The purpose of ACEEE’s testimony was to explore the perceived barriers that have kept a robust energy efficiency program from reaching its full potential in the industrial and large-commercial customer sector in Indiana; to review those companies and jurisdictions that have been especially effective in meeting these challenges through an approach referred to as self-direct; and to suggest that combined heat and power can and should be a key part of a successful self-direct program approved by the Commission in its proceeding.