Appliance and Equipment Standards Jobs: A Moneymaker and Job Creator in all 50 States

White Paper


Rachel Gold and Steven Nadel


This white paper estimates the net employment and wage impacts of U.S. appliance, equipment, and lighting standards in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. It focuses on the impacts of the standards already in place as of December 2010, most of the standards revisions DOE is now working on and will complete by 2013, and the consensus standards in pending legislation. The white paper builds on the research of Appliance and Equipment Standards: A Moneymaker and Job Creator by breaking the results down on a state-by-state basis and describing the methodology for how those values were determined. Although the estimates made in this study are subject to some uncertainty, they provide a good approximation of the macroeconomic benefits that are driven by U.S. efficiency standards for appliances, equipment, and lighting products in each of the states.