CHP Methodology in the 2012 Scorecard

White Paper


Anna Chittum


Each year, ACEEE ranks states on a suite of energy efficiency policies in its annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. One of the categories in which states are ranked is combined heat and power (CHP), which is a suite of technologies that generate electricity and thermal energy concurrently, yielding higher efficiencies than standard energy generation.

The methodology used to rank CHP in previous versions of Scorecard had been confusing to some readers. Additionally, certain aspects of the policy and regulatory environment for CHP had not been reflected in prior methodologies. To address these issues, ACEEE has developed a new scoring system and methodology for ranking CHP policies. This methodology will be used in developing rankings for the 2012 Scorecard. The new methodology should provide more clarity and transparency in the rankings and better reflect changes and updates in certain relevant CHP policies.