Industry Program

ACEEE’s Industrial Program analyzes and promotes technologies, process innovations, and policies for increasing the energy efficiency and competitiveness of manufacturing industries.

ACEEE is actively engaged in developing national, regional, and state industrial energy strategies while serving as a resource for government, utilities, public interest groups, and businesses. We examine energy efficiency trends, the potential for process modernization and efficiency improvements in manufacturing, the potential productivity gains from energy efficiency and pollution prevention measures, and policies and programs for accelerating efficiency improvements.

Facilitating communications among the energy efficiency, government, and business communities, we offer a unique perspective that blends engineering, market, and policy expertise. ACEEE explores the synergies of energy efficiency and sustainable business practices, and how they can strengthen the corporate bottom line. We also foster dialogue among policymakers, energy program managers, businesses, and researchers at our biennial ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.

ACEEE offers particular expertise in the areas of efficient motor systems, industrial energy efficiency technologies, industrial sector analysis, and combined heat and power (CHP). We helped design two national collaborative initiatives promoting motor system efficiency improvements—Compressed Air Challenge and Motor Decisions Matter. We were also involved in the creation and development of Pump Systems Matter, another collaborative initiative dedicated to assisting pump system users. ACEEE was a founding member of the U.S. Clean Heat and Power Association and is actively involved in clean distributed energy resource issues. We have also worked with the water/wastewater industries on efficiency in treatment, distribution, and collection.

The industrial program also has been instrumental in recent energy markets analysis focusing on multiple resources, particularly natural gas and petroleum.

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Industry Program Staff

Senior Director for Research
Senior Industrial Analyst
Research Assistant
Program Director, Industry
Senior Research Analyst, Industry and Transportation