Local Technical Assistance Toolkit

ACEEE has acted as a technical assistance advisor to numerous local governments and authorities on energy efficiency potential analyses and policy opportunities.  These tools have been developed out of our experience working with local policymakers and program managers and in response to needs of local governments, including grantees under the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program.  Many of these tools are aimed at enabling action on low-cost, high-impact policies that will allow communities to achieve lasting energy savings.

The resources below summarize some of the programs and policies being implemented in local communities around the country.  They include links to introductory information and technical assistance resources for each category. For resources related to state policy please see the State Technical Assistance Toolkit.  The Toolkits are a work in progress and are continuing to evolve as we identify additional local needs.  If you do not find the tool you need, please let us know. Need more help? Fill out this form and send it to us.

Local Energy Planning

Local Government Lead by Example

Local Policies and Programs for Community Energy Efficiency

Financing Energy Efficiency Projects (state toolkit page)