State Technical Assistance Toolkit

For decades, states have demonstrated leadership in developing and implementing energy efficiency policies. To support further development of energy efficiency at the state level, ACEEE prepares thoughtful, innovative research and maintains a comprehensive suite of technical resources to inform state governments, utility regulatory bodies, non-government organizations, and energy efficiency program administrators. Our resources provide a solid foundation toward achieving lasting energy savings and stimulating economic growth through energy efficiency. We conduct energy efficiency potential and market analyses as part of our State Clean Energy Research Project, as well as performing additional targeted analyses and developing educational materials for stakeholder engagement.

In response to a growing number of requests, we have developed this State Toolkit to arm stakeholders with valuable, up-to-date resources – published both by ACEEE and other organizations – on energy efficiency to facilitate effective program and policy development and deployment.

This Toolkit provides a series of information resources on programs and policies currently being implemented at the state level. Each resource provides readers with links for more information and additional technical assistance documents. The Toolkit continues to evolve as we identify additional state needs, so if you do not find the right tool, please contact us. We also maintain a Toolkit on resources for local energy efficiency policy.