The 2018 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Research Report I1801


Fernando Castro-Alvarez, Shruti Vaidyanathan, Hannah Bastian, and Jen King


The 2018 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard examines the efficiency policies and performance of 25 of the world’s top energy-consuming countries. We used 36 metrics to evaluate each country’s national commitment to saving energy as well as its efficiency policies and performance in the buildings, industry, and transportation sectors.

Germany tied with Italy for the top spot in our rankings this year with a score of 75.5 out of 100. France came in 3rd with 73.5 points, followed by the United Kingdom and Japan. The average score was 51 points. The United States fell two spots in the rankings compared to our last report in 2016.

All the countries we evaluated have clear opportunities to save more energy. Efficiency will also be key to meeting international climate commitments. Nations can learn from one another by emulating the best policies, practices, and performance featured in the Scorecard.