Electricity Consumption and Peak Demand Scenarios for the Southeastern United States

Research Report U1704


Steven Nadel


Electricity markets in the southeast are facing many changes on the customer side of the meter. This report looks at how energy efficiency, photovoltaics (solar electricity), electric vehicles, heat pumps and demand response (shifting loads away from periods of high demand) might all affect electricity needs in the Southeast. We find that if all of these resources are pursued on an accelerated basis, electricity demand in the region can be stabilized until 2030. After that, demand will likely grow in the following decade due to increased market penetration of electric vehicles and heat pumps. We also find that energy efficiency and demand response can be critical for managing electricity supply and demand in the region and that these resources can help contain energy demand growth, reducing the impact of expensive new generation on consumer wallets. Resource planners should be sure to incorporate these emerging trends into their long-term forecasts and planning.