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Research Report - February 01, 1997

Reviews the status, sales trends, and energy savings from the adoption of high pressure sodium lamps, compact and circular fluorescent lamps, T8 fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts, and specular reflectors in Brazil.

Research Report - January 01, 1997

Examines the current market for electric motors and motor speed controls in China, discusses the current status of efficient motor and speed control technologies, and suggests potential areas for foreign involvement. It includes extensive data on equipment production by year and equipment type...

Research Report - January 01, 1997

Proposes a campaign for bringing environmentally improved vehicles to market. Given the option and at a fair price, many Americans would choose motor vehicles "greener" (cleaner and more fuel efficient) than those typical of today, but automakers have been slow to bring "green" vehicles to...

Research Report - January 01, 1997

Reviews current patterns of transportation energy use. It identifies the current trends and examines technology and policy options for reducing U.S. transportation energy use and the associated adverse environmental and economic impacts.

Research Report - December 01, 1996

Examines the results from many financing programs that are designed to reduce energy efficiency program expenditures by financing efficiency investments, then making recipient customers pay back over time most, if not all, of the cost. Financing approaches include loans, leases, shared savings...

Research Report - October 01, 1996

Reviews 11 market transformation efforts currently underway and provides qualitative and quantitative information on their progress. Many appear to be having a positive market impact as evidenced by increased sales of high-efficiency products and changes in manufacturer, dealer, and consumer...

Research Report - August 01, 1996

Identifies successful programs. Discusses program planning, design implementations, and evaluation.

Research Report - June 01, 1996

Provides guidance on how to "get the most bang for the buck" by discussing experience to date in four priority areas: market transformation; one-time efficiency opportunities; target retrofits; and other strategies.

Research Report - April 01, 1996

This report documents how U.S. businesses and households are increasing their "bbottom lines" while cutting greenhouse gas emissions through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. It contains many technology updates and implementation success stories. Sponsored by...

Research Report - March 01, 1996

This paper reviews past examples of market transformation, and then discusses the status of more than 10 new market transformation initiatives now underway or in the advanced planning stages. It is an update of a paper published in the Energy Services Journal.

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