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Research Report - September 01, 2001

Presents the results of a study based on nearly 100 interviews with energy service companies, retail electricity commodity suppliers, and distribution utilities, all operating in restructured states. The study explores the premise that private market actors could displace the need for...

Testimony - July 13, 2001

ACEEE is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing energy efficiency as a means for both promoting economic prosperity and protecting the environment. We were founded in 1980 and have contributed in key ways to energy legislation adopted during the past 20 years, including the Energy...

Research Report - July 01, 2001

Examines the role combined heat and power (CHP) currently occupies in Texas’ energy picture as the state addresses environmental and energy challenges, from degraded air quality to an overburdened energy infrastructure due to rapid economic growth. Texas leads the country in CHP, but this...

Research Report - March 01, 2001

Same report as Emerging Energy-Efficient Industrial Technologies, but includes chapter on current technologies in NY State.

Research Report - March 01, 2001

Reviews and compares recent research on communications campaigns and public opinion poll data related to energy efficiency. Commonalities and differences in methods and findings are drawn out along with implications for future work.

Research Report - March 01, 2001

Revises and updates the information in ACEEE’s 1998 report (U986). It provides a current summary of the statuses of electric restructuring in each of the 50 states. For those states that have restructured, the report provides a handy summary of public benefits policies and funding levels in...

Research Report - February 01, 2001

Presents results of a baseline study of the knowledge and awareness that New York State electrical equipment distributors, designers, and contractors have of energy-efficient low-voltage distribution transformers. Energy Star®/NEMA TP-1 transformers are the focus of several energy-efficiency...

Research Report - February 01, 2001

Reviews the activites being conducted to advance this energy-saving technology and proveds specific case studies in the Boston area. Light-emitting diodes (LED) traffic signals save enormous amounts of energy relative to lamps used in this application, but are found in fewer than 10 percent of...

Research Report - January 01, 2001

Examines the role of vehicle weight in the changing nature and frequency of fatalities in traffic accidents, a crucial issue in fuel economy policy debates. Discusses safety implications of the growth in sport utility vehicle mass and size on the number of fatalities.

Research Report - January 01, 2001

Reviews the prospects for increasing domestic oil production, including oil supply from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and saving oil through improving the fuel economy of new vehicles. Shows that improving fuel economy is the most effective option for cutting oil imports.

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