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Research Report - January 01, 1996

Compares the amount of gasoline taxes and other road user fees paid in the U.S. to federal, state, and local expenditures on roads and highways. Rebutting a recent report by the American Petroleum Institute, this analysis shows that fees collected from road users fail to cover road spending,...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

With restructuring of the electric utility industry now being discussed in the U.S. and several other countries, this paper seeks to add some objective findings to the debate by reviewing several recent cases on utility restructuring and the impacts of this restructuring on energy prices,...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

This study, prepared for the 1995 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in industry, examines the processes and technologies used in the pulp and paper industry, their industry use and energy savings and cogeneration potential. It also reviews advanced technologies, decision making and...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

Examines trends in the development of appliance and equipment efficiency standards throughout the world and offers some observations about how standards may evolve in coming years.

Research Report - January 01, 1996

Provides a more expansive treatment of the economics of automobile fuel economy improvement, drawing on our technology assessment work reported in T933 (backlist). It covers the cost analysis methodology, tabulates cost and benefit estimates for gasoline vehicle technology options, and...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

Provides state-by-state estimates of the energy and energy bill savings of appliance and equipment efficiency standards for both current standards and new ones under development. In the 10 largest states, annual energy bill savings will exceed $1 billion by 2015.

Research Report - September 01, 1995

A sample of 37 utilities and 22 state regulatory commissions were surveyed and examined to identify recent and projected change in utilities’ DSM budgets, savings, program design, and key factors responsible for changes. Prepared in cooperation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Research Report - August 01, 1995

Utility demand-side management (DSM) programs have been operating for approximately two decades. During this period DSM has progressed from an emphasis on information and loan programs to a resource acquisition strategy emphasizing rebates. Now, the electric utility industry is being...

Research Report - April 01, 1995

This report argues that implementation of end-use electricity conservation measures can and should continue to grow in the U.S. despite the uncertainty concerning utility DSM programs. It covers recent trends in DSM program budgets and savings targets; the evolution of DSM programs toward...

E-Book - March 29, 1995

Widespread concern about energy efficiency, societal impacts and environmental quality has sparked a global interest in the reevaluation of our transportation systems. This book examines...

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