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Research Report - August 01, 1996

Identifies successful programs. Discusses program planning, design implementations, and evaluation.

Research Report - June 01, 1996

Provides guidance on how to "get the most bang for the buck" by discussing experience to date in four priority areas: market transformation; one-time efficiency opportunities; target retrofits; and other strategies.

Research Report - April 01, 1996

This report documents how U.S. businesses and households are increasing their "bbottom lines" while cutting greenhouse gas emissions through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. It contains many technology updates and implementation success stories. Sponsored by...

Research Report - March 01, 1996

This paper reviews past examples of market transformation, and then discusses the status of more than 10 new market transformation initiatives now underway or in the advanced planning stages. It is an update of a paper published in the Energy Services Journal.

Research Report - February 01, 1996

This paper reviews the development of three important energy-efficiency technologies: low-emissivity windows, electronic ballasts, and high efficiency supermarket refrigeration systems. It also examines the market impacts and economic benefits of these technologies, showing that they have...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

This study, prepared for the 1995 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in industry, examines the processes and technologies used in the pulp and paper industry, their industry use and energy savings and cogeneration potential. It also reviews advanced technologies, decision making and...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

This report analyzes the markets for industrial motor systems components (motors, drive, pumps, fans, and air compressors), identifies market deficiencies that slow the acceptance of energy-efficient technologies, and discusses how market transformation programs might be used to accelerate the...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

Compares the amount of gasoline taxes and other road user fees paid in the U.S. to federal, state, and local expenditures on roads and highways. Rebutting a recent report by the American Petroleum Institute, this analysis shows that fees collected from road users fail to cover road spending,...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

Provides a more expansive treatment of the economics of automobile fuel economy improvement, drawing on our technology assessment work reported in T933 (backlist). It covers the cost analysis methodology, tabulates cost and benefit estimates for gasoline vehicle technology options, and...

Research Report - January 01, 1996

This paper examines the synergisms and potential reductions in U.S. light vehicle petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions obtainable by policies that foster higher fuel economy through conventional vehicle technologies. These policies would encourage liquid biofuels produced from...

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