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Research Report - August 14, 2014

In this report we focus on the development and role of energy efficiency potential studies. The primary objective of our report is to better understand the nuts and bolts of these studies and how their various methodological approaches and assumptions influence energy efficiency potential...

Research Report - August 06, 2014

Compared to single-fuel programs, combined natural gas and electric energy efficiency programs often deliver additional energy and dollar savings at lower cost to utilities and consumers. They also enhance customer satisfaction. Many leading dual-fuel programs demonstrate these benefits. This...

Policy Brief - July 30, 2014
Congress should
  • Enact energy efficiency improvement targets for building energy codes such as those included in pending Federal legislation. Advanced residential and commercial model energy codes can achieve cost-effective efficiency improvements of a 50% reduction in energy...
Research Report - July 30, 2014

Smart manufacturing is the use of information and communications technology to integrate all aspects of manufacturing, from the device level to the supply chain level, for the purpose of achieving superior control and productivity. A more efficient manufacturing processes is a more energy-...

Testimony - July 24, 2014

States are increasingly taking action to help consumers and businesses reduce their energy use and costs and promote economic development through energy efficiency. In this testimony I will

  • discuss the favorable economics of energy efficiency investments;
  • provide some...
White Paper - July 23, 2014

Information and communications technology (ICT) can permit large energy savings in the freight transportation sector while improving speed, reliability, and security. Transportation and logistics professionals have been using ICT tools for decades, but the rapidly increasing sophistication of...

Policy Brief - July 23, 2014
Congress should
  • Ensure that DOE meets all deadlines for new and amended efficiency standards.
  • Provide adequate budget for DOE to effectively develop and enforce new and updated standards.
  • Eliminate budget riders or amendments that limit DOE’s ability to adopt and...
Regulatory Filing - July 17, 2014

Steve Nadel argues for maintaining robust energy efficiency programs in New York, to keep system costs and customer bills low. (Case 14-M-0101.)

Research Report - July 17, 2014

In this second edition of the International Energy Efficiency Scorecard, we analyze the world’s 16 largest economies, comprising more than 81% of global gross domestic product and about 71% of global electricity consumption. We looked at 31 metrics, divided roughly in half between...

Policy Brief - July 02, 2014
Congress Should:
  • Encourage states to adopt the NARUC model interconnection protocols.
  • Encourage states to implement improved standby rates.
  • Encourage the adoption of output-based air emissions regulations by states.
  • Provide funding for technical...

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