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Research Report - August 01, 2000

Reviews program accomplishments since the 1980s (when utility DSM programs emerged), then discusses recent trends. It includes extensive data on program savings and spending, including state-by-state and year-by-year data.

Research Report - July 01, 2000

Reports on the first half of a multi-phased evaluation of the U.S. Energy Guide label, including results of research tasks with consumers, manufacturers, retail sales staff, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning contractors. Overall findings and cross-cutting themes are emphasized....

Research Report - June 01, 2000

Reviews regulatory incentive strategies used in California, the Northeast, and the Pacific Northwest to promote good execution of market transformation strategies. The report discusses key issues and makes recommendations for regulators and other stakeholders based on experience to date.

Research Report - May 01, 2000

Presents the results of the first comprehensive national review and assessment of public benefit policies and approaches being taken in states which have restructured their electric industry. Volume 1 includes a state-by-state "catalog" of public benefits policies describing the pertinent...

Research Report - April 01, 2000

Establishes a set of terms for the areas of distributed energy resources and combined heat and power. The definitions are determined through two parameters: systems size and system design and operation. The terms are clarified and defined in a manner that will appeal to the majority of the...

Research Report - April 01, 2000

Examines utility DSM spending and savings trends over the 1993-1998 period and ranks state DSM programs based on current spending and savings and trends since 1993. It discusses lessons taught by leading states.

Research Report - March 01, 2000

Outlines potential upgrades to existing appliance and equipment efficiency standards. It also provides national and state-by-state estimates of energy savings, utility bill savings, and emissions reductions resulting from the proposed upgrades. Estimates account for regional and state...

Research Report - March 01, 2000

Reviews the key findings of human factors research on energy efficiency and reflects on their application to the current policy context. This report is based on an interdisciplinary body of research accumulated over the past 25 years which is oncenred with the human factors of energy use.

Collaborative Report - February 15, 2000

This report was prepared by the Department of Energy, Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and co-authored by J. DeCicco of ACEEE. 

Over the past 25 years more than 20 major studies have examined the technological potential to improve the...

Research Report - February 10, 2000

Demystifies effiiciency needs and concerns of small and medium-sized manufacturers. It describes current programmatic efficiency strategies and reveals those that have met with success as well as those that have failed. The report offers suggestions for services and strategies that should be...

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