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Research Report - January 01, 1993

This study examines the potential to reduce energy use and lower energy bills by dedicating a modest portion of the revenue from a broad-based energy tax to energy efficiency programs. It shows that energy bills could decline if about 15 percent of tax revenues are "recycled" into efficiency...

Research Report - January 01, 1993

This report surveys 100 new technologies that can save electricity and natural gas, ranging from those that entered the market in 1991 to those likely to be commercialized by 2002. Data on the 50 technologies with the largest potential savings are provided, including likely costs, savings and...

Research Report - August 01, 1992

This paper explores the veracity of arguments by large industrial customers that they have already implemented most of the available efficiency measures, and that utility DSM programs ask them to subsidize efficiency investments by residential and commercial customers. Efficiency opportunities...

E-Book - March 28, 1992

In the past few years utilities and their regulators have come to realize that the current regulatory system financially rewards utilities that sell more electricity and...

Research Report - February 01, 1992

Examines the impacts on employment and income that could result from improving energy efficiency are examined in this report. It shows that substantial energy efficiency improvements throughout the U.S. economy (including a special analysis of the impact of improving motor vehicle efficiency)...

Research Report - January 01, 1992

This report describes the status of technologies for increasing the efficiency of electricity use. Barriers to implementation and policies to expand adoption of these technologies worldwide. Prepared with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Research Report - January 01, 1992

The use of new vehicle purchase price incentives to promote the fuel economy of cars and light trucks is discussed in this paper. It examines the options and the expected impact of incentives taking the form of fees and rebates ("feebates"). A prototype proposal accounting for vehicle size is...

Research Report - January 01, 1992

This study provides estimates of the reductions in oil consumption and CO2 emissions that would result from strengthened Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAF

Research Report - January 01, 1992

This report recommends how the Department of Energy could strengthen and expand its buildings energy efficiency program. It proposes thirteen major R&D or implementation initiatives. Prepared by an ad hoc group of experts from industry, universities, government, and national laboratories...

Research Report - January 01, 1992

In this paper, national minimum efficiency standards on lamps, motors, showerheads, and heating and air conditioning equipment for commercial buildings are proposed. It also analyzes energy savings that would result from the standards and the current political status

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