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Research Report - January 01, 1992

This study examines the costs, energy savings and CO2 reductions for new automotive technologies, comparing improved efficiency vehicles with alcohol, natural gas and electricity-powered vehicles. It concludes that there is much overlap between efficiency improvement technologies and...

Research Report - January 01, 1992

A 1992 NRC study concluded that only modest improvements in new car fuel economy would be possible over the next 15 years. This critique points out technological options that were either omitted or downplayed in the NRC study as well as weaknesses in the economic market and policy analyses. It...

Research Report - January 01, 1992

This paper reviews recent utility efforts to promote demand-side management, summarizes the lessons taught by these efforts, and recommends ways to increase the amount of savings achieved in the future. Published in the 1992 Annual Review of Energy..

Research Report - January 01, 1992

How state energy codes and utility new construction programs can complement each others to maximize energy savings is the focus of this paper. Seven coordination strategies are discussed and examples given of where each has been used. Prepared for the New Construction Programs for Demand-Side...

Research Report - January 01, 1992

This is a review of the energy efficiency provisions in the 1992 federal energy law that affects electric utilities. It estimates the potential electricity savings and discusses how utilities, regulators and DSM advocates should respond. Prepared for the 6th National DSM Conference.

Research Report - January 01, 1992

This report describes the energy efficiency provisions in the comprehensive 1992 energy bill and estimates their impact on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Prepared with the Alliance to Save Energy.

Research Report - July 01, 1991

This review looks at utility demand-side management (DSM) results and plans; a study of the achievable conservation potential in New York State; and estimates of the energy savings available from market forces, building codes and equipment efficiency standards. It concludes that utilities can...

E-Book - March 28, 1991

The electric utility industry has moved from a growth-oriented environment into a period of instability, competition and restructuring. This book outlines the...

Research Report - March 01, 1991

This report describes a major study on America's energy choices completed by four national environmental and energy efficiency advocacy organizations in 1991. This study was conceived as an alternative to the U.S. government's National Energy Strategy. The objective was to examine the role...

Research Report - February 01, 1991

Programs that developing countries can use to help reduce growth in electricity demand are reviewed in this paper. Sixteen types of program options are discussed, including examples of countries in which each option has been used.

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