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Research Report - September 01, 1995

A sample of 37 utilities and 22 state regulatory commissions were surveyed and examined to identify recent and projected change in utilities’ DSM budgets, savings, program design, and key factors responsible for changes. Prepared in cooperation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Research Report - August 01, 1995

Utility demand-side management (DSM) programs have been operating for approximately two decades. During this period DSM has progressed from an emphasis on information and loan programs to a resource acquisition strategy emphasizing rebates. Now, the electric utility industry is being...

Research Report - April 01, 1995

This report argues that implementation of end-use electricity conservation measures can and should continue to grow in the U.S. despite the uncertainty concerning utility DSM programs. It covers recent trends in DSM program budgets and savings targets; the evolution of DSM programs toward...

E-Book - March 28, 1995

Widespread concern about energy efficiency, societal impacts and environmental quality has sparked a global interest in the reevaluation of our transportation systems. This book examines...

E-Book - March 28, 1995

Apartment buildings, an important part of the affordable U.S. housing stock, have long been identified as a particularly challenging area for energy conservation. This book reviews...

Research Report - March 01, 1995

This report presents a rationale for maintaining strong utility DSM programs in spite of growing competition and restructuring within the utility industry. It includes recommendations for utilities and regulators.

Research Report - March 01, 1995

Utilities and governments in developing countries are now considering whether to use integrated resource planning techniques and demand-side management programs as part of their efforts to meet future demand for electricity. This report introduces IRP and DSM to a developing country audience...

Research Report - February 01, 1995

China’s economy is growing rapidly and China is becoming a major player in the international room air conditioner market. This report summarizes a wide array of information on the Chinese room air conditioner market and examines technical opportunities for improving the efficiency of Chinese...

Research Report - February 01, 1995

This study presents 14 different energy-related indicators of economic, social and environmental progress. Among the indicators proposed are analyses of energy and carbon intensity of the U.S. economy; measures to track progress toward objectives found in the 1992 Energy Policy Act; trends in...

Research Report - January 01, 1995

This report reviews the status of the federal appliance and equipment efficiency standards and summarizes the benefits of the standards for consumers and the nation.

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